What we need is some crazy people; look where the normals have got us.
    —George Bernard Shaw


    I have been interested in everything that is "different" ever since I can remember. I even suspect that it has led me, among other things, to become a homeopath – that is, to make "thinking differently" my profession, because as a homeopath I am looking for the unusual, peculiar and individual in order to be able to prescribe a suitable homeopathic remedy.

    Accordingly, I am interested in the Neurodiverse Spectrum. Because the approach of "neurodiversity" – that a "differently wired brain" is not sick but perfectly healthy but just different – corresponds 1:1 to the homeopathic principle of individuality.

    In addition, I myself am on the road in life with a heightened sensitivity. I remember the repeated, sometimes a little desperate worry of my mother: "You won't get through life being so sensitive." But sure!

    A hurray for neurological diversity ! I welcome high sensitivity/neurosensitivity, ADD & ADHD, autism spectrum, giftedness, obsessive thoughts, dyslexia and dyscalculia in my practice.

    Based on my own history (see "mental health"), the following areas emerge as major concerns in my practice (and are not exclusive of all others):

    – Neurology, brain development, developmental disorders and neurological diversity

    – Mental illness and trauma in the family – growing up with mentally ill parents

    – Children with behavioral problems and mentally ill adolescents

    – War in all aspects: intrafamilial, own war experiences, transgenerational war issues